2nd Annual Girl Scout Swim Party

Who’s ready for our 2nd Annual Girl Scout Swim Party at the Cherokee County Aquatic Center?!

It is set for Friday, September 5th, 6-8pm. Cost is only $5!

A new opportunity for older girls (Junior & up) is access to WIBIT. Limited tickets are available, and are $2 extra.
Tickets will be available at our August 11th Service Unit meeting.
There are 2 pages to the flyer: returning girls and new girls.

Download the Aquatic Center event flyer

Sample Meetings

There are a wide variety of resources available that show sample meetings. We will be adding resources here for different levels as we post them.

For all levels: Sample meetings and program resources from GSGATL.org

Daisy Meeting Resources

Sample 1st Daisy Meeting


Daisy Earth and Sky Sample Meetings

Daisy 5 Stories, 4,3 Journey Sample Meetings

 First Four Brownie Meetings


Brownie Leader Meeting Plan Kit

Junior Meetings

Plannign Your Junior Year

Your First Four Junior Meetings

Cadette Troop Meeting Planning

Planning with Cadettes


Guide to GS Investiture & Rededication Ceremonies

Long time Girl Scout leader and volunteer Denise put together a guide to investiture and rededication ceremonies. You can download the file as a pdf.

Investiture welcomes new members, girls or adults, into the Girl Scout family for the first time. Girls receive their Girl Scout, Girl Scout Brownie, or Girl Scout Daisy pin at this time.

Rededication ceremonies are an opportunity for girls and adults to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Tips for Holding Ceremonies

  1. Devote sufficient time to planning the ceremony. Good ceremonies have a clear purpose and enrich the meaning and mood of the ceremony.
  2. Use Journey adult guides and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to help girls plan their ceremonies.
  3. Take safety precautions when using candles or fires, or when the girls construct bridges or platforms. Refer to Volunteer Essentials and the Safety Activity Checkpoints (available through your council) for specific advice.
  4. Add personal elements to traditional ceremonies. Use favorite poems, songs, stories, and sayings, or have the girls write something new.
  5. Consider the role of colors and symbols that the girls might use in their ceremony.
  6. Observe flag etiquette when the girls hold flag ceremonies.

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trees with stream (the riverwood crest)

Retiring of a Flag


Retiring of a Flag

“The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”

The Flag Code, Section 4 (k)

If your troop, group, service unit or camp would like to retire a worn American flag in a respectful way, preferably by burning, please contact Margaret Paschal at the Girl Scout Helpline:


770-702-9411 (toll-free at 1-800-771-4046 ext. 9411)

You may either pick up your flag at the Mableton Service Center, or have it mailed to you. A sample flag-retiring ceremony is attached, but girls may create their own ceremony. This is a great project for Veteran’s Day (November 11 or 12) or Pearl Harbor Day (December 7) but is also appropriate for camp or troop meetings. Girls might also do this service in conjunction with working on their Legacy “Citizen” badge (Brownie – Ambassador.)


trees with stream (the riverwood crest)

May Girl Scouts Assist in Political Rallies?

The Girl Scout Council of Greater Atlanta answers:
Politics is surely a hot topic in our society today and many candidates reach out to Girl Scouts for support or endorsements.  Please review the attached document for clarification on Girl Scout’s position on political involvement.  This information is also posted on our website https://www.gsgatl.org/About-Us/newsroom/Pages/Girl-Scouts-of-the-USA-Policy-on-Electioneering.aspx and will be in the volunteer portal.

If there are questions or concerns, please contact Anji Roe Wood at arwood@gsgatl.org 770-702-9188

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