Bridging Requirements

Ever wondered what your troop needs to know to prepare for bridging?  Read more to learn about the Girl Scout Bridging requirements for each program level.

Bridging Requirements for each level:

Bridging Juniors to Cadettes:

1. Find out about Cadette Girl Scout books. Look through the Cadette Girl Scout Handbook or the Interest Projects for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts and pick three activities that interest you.

2. Find out about GirlSports or other council-sponsored opportunities for Cadette Girl Scouts. Participate in one where Cadette Girl Scouts are also taking part.

3. Do one of the activities you picked in Step One.

4. Participate in a service project with a Cadette Girl Scout. Or participate in a camping or hiking trip with a Cadette Girl Scout troop.

5. Do something with a Cadette Girl Scout or Cadette Girl Scout troop.

6. Help plan your bridging ceremony. Plan ways to make your ceremony meaningful and unique for you and other Junior Girl Scouts who are bridging with you

Bridging Brownies to Juniors:

1. Find out about Junior Girl Scouting.

* Ask a Junior Girl Scout or an adult who works with Junior Girl Scouts to tell you about Junior Girl Scouting.

* Find out about the awards (badges and signs) for Junior Girl Scouts by looking at a Junior Girl Scout sash, vest, catalog picture, or the Awards, Badges and Other Insignia section on Girl Scout central at Look through the Junior Girl Scout Handbook and Girl Scout Badges and Signs. Find out about the badges, the signs, and the leadership pin. Look for differences between Brownie and Junior Girl Scout activities.

* Take part in a special event put on by your community service unit, council, or a Junior Girl Scout troop for Brownie Girl Scouts bridging to the Junior Girl Scout level.

2. Do a Junior Girl Scout Activity

* Do an activity from the Junior Girl Scout Handbook or Junior Girl Scout Badgebook.

* Do an activity from a Junior Girl Scout Issues for Girl Scouts booklet, such as Connections, Read to Lead, Girls Are Great, or Media Know-How.

* Do a Junior Girl Scout online science or technology activity from the “Awards, Badges and Other Insignia” section on Girl Scout central at

3. Do something with a Junior Girl Scout or a Junior Girl Scout troop or group.

* Attend a meeting or event as the guest of a Junior Girl Scout troop or group.

* Do a service project with Junior Girl Scouts.

* Write to a Junior Girl Scout pen-pal who lives in your area or another state.

4. Share what you learn about Junior Girl Scouting with Brownie or Daisy Girl Scouts.

* Make a poster or collage, or create a poster or flier on the computer, to show others what Junior Girl Scouts is all about.

* Put on a skit or special program about a service project or activity that you did with a Junior Girl Scout.

* Teach a song or game that you learned from a Junior Girl Scout.

5. Plan and do a summer Girl Scout activity

(If your Brownie Girl Scout troop or group has its bridging ceremony before summer, you can receive your Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts award before doing this activity. However, you should do the activity before your first Junior Girl Scout meeting in the fall.)

* Go to a Girl Scout day or resident (sleep away) camp.

* Plan and do an outdoor activity with other Girl Scouts and their families.

* Have a cookout, swim or skate party, campfire, or stargazing activity with other Girl Scouts.

* Participate in a GirlSports activity with other Girl Scouts.

* Plan a get-acquainted activity for fall for your new Junior Girl Scout troop buddies.

* Write a summer newsletter for your group.

* Do a summer project with other Girl Scouts.

6. Help Plan your fly-up Ceremony

* Learn a new opening or closing that you can use in your flying-up ceremony.

* Write a poem, song, or skit about going from Brownie to Junior Girl Scouts that you can use in your ceremony.

* Design and make invitations for the ceremony.

* Make decorations that you can use at the ceremony.

Bridging Daisies to Brownies:

Bridging Step 1: Girls learn about Brownie Girl Scouting by doing one of the following:

Invite some Brownie Girl Scouts to talk about Brownie Girl Scouting.

Visit a Brownie Girl Scout group during a planning meeting.

Have girls look through the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook and the Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts book.

Bridging Step 2: Girls complete a Brownie Girl Scout activity by doing one of the following:

Find out about three things that Brownie Girl Scouts do (and do one)

Complete an activity in the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook

Ask a Brownie Girl Scout to tell about some of the things she does and do an activity with her.

Bridging Step 3: Girls do one of the following with a Brownie Girl Scout:

Plan and carry out a service project with Brownie Girl Scouts.

Go on a field trip with Brownie Girl Scouts.

Visit Brownie Girl Scouts at one of their meetings and complete an activity with them.

Bridging Step 4: Girls help plan their bridging ceremony. They can:

Work with a Brownie Girl Scout sister troop to plan the bridging ceremony.

Make up a song for the ceremony.

Prepare decorations for the ceremony.