Bridging locations

Our service unit is planning its own bridging event, but your troop can also scout out favorite locations for a troop level ceremony.  We are looking for suggestions from other volunteers, and will be creating a page all about bridging after our April SU meeting.

Possible locations include:

  • Girl Scout camps
  • Churches
  • Parks with bridges or amphitheaters/gazebos
  • Recreation centers
  • State parks, particularly day use areas
  • Neighborhood club houses

Any locations outside of your regular meeting location and date should be approved by council with an activity request.  Visit  to view safety activity checkpoints as well.

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Year of the Girl Challange – raise $1 billion FOR GIRLS in 2012

In 2012, we will mark 100 years of Girl Scouting by setting out to raise $1 billion to achieve, in five years, a generational leap in opportunities for girls.  This initiative will ensure that every girl in this generation will have the opportunity and the tools and the access she needs to reach her fullest potential.  That is our promise.  Together, we can make 2012 the Year of the Girl.

Make your donation today HERE

100th Anniversary activities – Historical GS Documents for Download

Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts by exploring some of these historical documents with your girls:

The Girl Scouts: A Training School for Womanhood – 1921

Girl Scouts: Their Works, Ways, and Plays (early pamphlet explaining the Girl Scout organization and aims)

The Girl Scouts: Their History and Practice (early pamphlet explaining the Girl Scout organization and aims)

Scouting for Girls: The Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts – 1925

How Girls Can Help Their Country – First US Girl Scout Handbook, written by Juliet Low and the Baden-Powells – 1917

The Educational Work of the Girl Scouts – 1920

Great Girl Scout Hike – 100th Anniversary on the Appalachian Trail (AT)

Great Girl Scout Hike – Celebrating 100 Years of Girl Scouting

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is your starting point for all things related to the AT. They have detailed maps of each section of the trail that can be purchased. They also have guide books.They have a guide to day hikes and a guide to overnight hikes along the trail. The web site has sections on hiking basics and planning your hike, hikes rated by difficulty and distance . . .

Remember to check your council safety guidelines in the Volunteer Essentials. Training requirements seem to differ by council

The Great Girl Scout Hike “Halfway There! Celebration Camporee” has been booked for the weekend of July 13-15 at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania. This state park is the unofficial halfway point on the Appalachian Trail and home to the fab AT Museum! More details to come…

Pine Grove Furnace State Park

100th Anniversary Sing-A-Long

Older Girl Scouts from Haverim Service Unit are hosting a 100th Anniversary Sing-Along at the Bremen Museum in Atlanta.

Come celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday and kick off the 100th year of Girl Scouting with a Sing-Along at the Bremen Museum. There will be opportunities to work on Girl Scout awards and religious recognitions (medals) too. The cost is $5.00 per person, which includes a patch, refreshments, a tour of the Bremen Museum, and a donation to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund.

Space is limited – please register by September 18th. Contact your Service Unit Directors for more information or to sign up.

The Juliette Low Story Skit


(Divide the group into eight group; these will be Juliette Low, Georgia, Horses, London, Lord Baden-Powell, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts)

Sound Effects- (when they hear their names they stand up and make their sound. It’s even cuter when they have to do an action as well)

Little Girls -Stand and giggle

Juliette Low -Curtsy and say, “Be my friend”

Georgia-Wave and say, “Hi, y’all!”

Horses-Stamp your feet and say, “Neighhhhhhh.”

Lord Baden-Powell-Bow formally and say, “How d’ya do?”

London-Sing, “London Bridge is Falling Down”

Boy Scouts-Make Scout sign and say “Be prepared.”

Girl Scouts-Make Scout sign and say “On My Honor”


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Juliette Low who lived in

Georgia and loved to ride horses. After she grew up she went to London where she met Lord Baden-Powell who founded the Boy Scouts. She was fascinated by the work he was doing. She studied with him awhile and decided to found a troop of Girl Scouts for the little girls who liked to ride horses in Georgia. So Juliette Low said good-bye to the Boy Scouts in London and came home with the ideas that Lord Baden-Powell gave her. She formed a group of little girls, who liked to ride horses and be together, into a troop of Girl Scouts. And they loved it so much that the idea spread and now there are Girl Scout troops all over the world.

Aren’t we glad that a little girl named Juliette Low, from Georgia who liked horses went to London and met Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, and came to start the wonderful world of Girl Scouts!

You could use props (big hair bows, horse head and tail, Boy Scout cap,

“English” looking hat, etc)