trees with stream (the riverwood crest)

Great Girl Scout Hike – 100th Anniversary on the Appalachian Trail (AT)

Great Girl Scout Hike – Celebrating 100 Years of Girl Scouting

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is your starting point for all things related to the AT. They have detailed maps of each section of the trail that can be purchased. They also have guide books.They have a guide to day hikes and a guide to overnight hikes along the trail. The web site has sections on hiking basics and planning your hike, hikes rated by difficulty and distance . . .

Remember to check your council safety guidelines in the Volunteer Essentials. Training requirements seem to differ by council

The Great Girl Scout Hike “Halfway There! Celebration Camporee” has been booked for the weekend of July 13-15 at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania. This state park is the unofficial halfway point on the Appalachian Trail and home to the fab AT Museum! More details to come…

Pine Grove Furnace State Park