Create a troop web site

There are many great and free tools leaders can use to make a troop website.  You can also visit the troop sites on the home page or visit the forum and ask questions.  Remember to review the Safety Checkpoints on before creating any website or using social media sites for your troop. – a great site with a lot of features.  Great for sharing photos and news.  Downside – it does not have a document repository like, so you will either have to link directly to a form page on the council site, add the document to the media library, or link to another online storage site like Google Docs. – These are very user friendly and make sharing documents and information with parents simple.  You can add contact information, news, upload pdf and doc copies of forms, and more. I recommend this site for new leaders who have not built a web site before.

Google Sites – I haven’t used it recently, though I do like Google Gmail and Docs.  Give it a try and see if you like it.  The good news is if you already use GMail, it should play nicely with that and other Google tools.

VolunteerSpot – more of a volunteer scheduler and handy for booth sale coordination and projects, but does have some nice features that may suit you fine if people organization is what you need.

Teamr – I have used this in the past and it does have some useful notification features – you can easily email parents & contacts from a calendar in the tool.  They recently redesigned the site, so it may be more user friendly before.  It was a bit awkward before.

— Lee