Girl Scout Leader Song

Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic

I was glad to have a daughter ’cause our first child was a son,
I thought of all the ruffles, all the frilly bows and fun,
I thought of how we’d sit and talk at night when day was done,
Wasn’t I the foolish one?

She was only turning six when they called me to the fore,
I said, “I’m not equipped.” They said, “Oh yes you are, what’s more,
We’ll train you in the basics; we’ll outfit you for the corps.”
Then they shoved me out the door!

Glory, glory I’m a leader
How’d I get to be a leader?
All I did was have a daughter,
Is this the price I pay?

They taught me to be thrifty, to be thoughtful, to be true,
They taught me to string beads like the noble Indians do.
I had to learn to dig a trench and how to use it too!
And you should taste the stew!

I had to learn to sing songs that I didn’t understand.
I learned to dance the polka and to make a rhythm band,
To think of what to do and to forget what I had planned,
Oh isn’t scouting grand?

Glory, glory I’m a leader
Me they had to make a leader,
I can’t even build a fire,
Let alone put up a tent!

We went walking in the woodland, my Girl Scout troop and me,
The handbook says that nature has a wealth of sights to see,
It’s true we sure were sights, when they found us eventually!
And I do this for free!

‘m not meant to be a leader: I don’t know which bird is which.
My hot dog sticks all burned up; we come home from hikes and itch.
The sit-upons all fell apart, I showed them the wrong stitch,
But no one wants to switch!

Glory, glory I’m a leader
Hallelujah I’m a leader!
Tell me why I should be happy,
My dinner’s always late!

But even though I grumble and I mumble and I shout,
Though there are days I wonder, “What is the best way out?”
I guess when all is said and done, there isn’t any doubt,
I’m glad to be a scout!

Glory, glory I’m a leader,
Someone’s got to be a leader.
They can carve it on my tombstone,
“Here’s a girl who did her best!”