Wondering what icebreakers you can use to help your troop get to know each other?  We have a list of popular icebreakers below, and most of them require no props or supplies!  You can also download a copy here. You may also want to try this list of icebreakers from GSUSA.

IcebreakersBall Toss – Everyone stands in a circle with a beach ball, bean bag, or stuffed animal. The first time you catch the ball, you have to say your name. Every time you catch the ball, you have to add one more thing about yourself. For example, the third time you catch the ball you might say, “My name is Sally, my favorite color is green, and I like to dance.”M&M game – Pass around a bowl of M&Ms, Skittles, or other small candies, with instructions to take some but don’t eat them yet. Every person must say one fact about themselves for each candy they hold.

Going to Camp – Sitting in a circle, each person must say their name and something they will bring to camp that starts with the same letter as their first name (for example, “My name is Karen and I’m taking a Kangaroo to camp.) To make it more challenging, participants repeat the names and items of the people who came before them.

Coke or Pepsi bag – Ahead of time, write out a series of simple either/or questions on index cards (at least one question per person). For example, Coke or Pepsi? Pink or Red? Summer or Winter? Dogs or Cats? Each person states their name and answers the question. You can choose to have everyone answer the same question, or have everyone choose a new question.

Wow, What A Day – Everyone sits in a circle and takes turns finishing the sentence, “Wow, what a day I had today…”

What Animal – Take turns saying what animal you would be and why.

The Birthday Game – Everyone must arrange themselves in a line according to their birthdays without speaking.

Bingo Game – Download the card(you can even print out different versions) ahead of time.  You can customize the card to fit your age level and fill it with entries like “Has been a Girl Scout for more than one year”, “Has lived in a different state”, “Has traveled out of the country”, “Is wearing jeans”, etc. Print it out. Give the girls a few minutes (10-15) to mingle and fill in their card. Then, when everyone is finished, circle up and have each girl share an item they filled out.  You can give out candy or another type of prize to everyone when they are done sharing.