This camping page is for volunteers and parents (and girls too) who are looking for Girl Scout camping resources.

The BEST source of information is the council’s own training classes: Cabins, Lodges, & campfires (formerly Outdoors & S’mores), and Platform Tent Camping.

  • Here is a page that explains step by step how to register and find classes on the training system
  •’s main Camp page (info about camps, etc)
  • More camp forms than you will EVER want (but may need)
  • Campsite 411 (detailed info about facilities at each camp and more!)
  • Never been to one of our camps?  Show up at a Summer Camp Open House to walk the camp and explore the facilities.  Camp Pine Acres Open House is Sunday May 6.  All council resident camping info is located here.

Need Camping Supplies? Check it out from a resource center for free!

If you are a new troop or want a great visual way to help your girls learn more about camping, our council resource centers have several camping kits available for check out.

You can find lists of available items under the Resources topic here.  I (Lee) strongly recommends you visit the council office in Mableton and browse the resource room. Mind-blowing does not begin to cover it. Better yet, make it a field trip with your girls!

Planning Your Camp-out


 Stargazing and Skymaps!

One of the best parts of camping at a place like Misty Mountain or Meriweather is going outside late at night and looking at the stars!


Knots!  The easiest way to learn about knots is with stories and practical applications such as friendship bracelets, knotty people, and the council’s own fishing badge!

  • Knotty People
  • Council’s own fishing badge: Go Fish Georgia!
  • The council’s camping guide also has info on knots.  They are useful for clotheslines, creating useful water-bottle carriers out of bandanas, etc.


More Camping Resources
Check out the many links on this site’s home page!